• World Finance Conference
    Norway, August 3th-6th, 2021

World Finance Conference

  • Location

    University of Agder
  • Date

    3th-6th, September 2021

About the Conference


Program Proceeding online

Keynote Speakers

Renée Adams

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Renée B. Adams is a Professor of Finance at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. She is a Fellow of the European Corporate Governance Institute, a senior fellow at the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research and a former Finance Department Editor at Management Science. She is an expert on corporate governance, bank governance and gender. Her work has a strong policy orientation and lies at the intersection between economics, finance, management and psychology. Professor Adams interest in diversity and gender is not limited to research. She co-founded AFFECT, the American Finance Association Academic Female Finance Committee, in 2015, and chaired it until 2020.

Daniel Ferreira

London School of Economics (United Kingdom)

Daniel Ferreira is Head of Department and Professor of Finance at the London School of Economics. He is known for his academic work on corporate governance, especially on the workings of corporate boards, having written several influential articles on the topic. More generally, his research interests span areas such as corporate finance, organisations, business strategy, and microeconomics, with articles published in leading journals in finance, economics, accounting, and management. His academic work is policy relevant and has had significant media impact, being covered by The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The Economist, amongst others. He has also offered expert advice to businesses, governments, and organisations. He was awarded a PhD degree in Economics from the University of Chicago in 2002.



Following on from the highly successful inaugural SHARK TANK event at the World Finance Conference 2019 in Santiago, Professor Robert Faff from the University of Queensland Business School will co-ordinate and lead a new SHARK TANK event at the WFC ?2021 in Norway.

The key focus of this event:

-targeting HIGH QUALITY seasoned papers presented at the WFC2021 conference;

-papers to go through a fast-tracked review for publication at a participating journal;

-the reviews based on the SHARK TANK process (as described in the information sheet available at the link shown below).


Which journals are involved in the WFC2021 SHARK TANK event?

The currently signed-up journals are:

* Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, Elsevier - Impact Factor 2.553

* Emerging Markets Review, Elsevier- Impact Factor 3.092

* Journal of Multinational Financial Management - Impact Factor 1.965

* Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Elsevier - Impact Factor 2.382 

* Journal of Financial Stability, Elservier  - Impact Fcator 2.451

* International Review of Financial Analysis, Elsevier - Impact factor 2.497  


How do I initiate my nomination for the WFC2021 SHARK TANK event

Initial nomination is simple: at the time of your WFC2021 paper submission, you need to explicitly request that your paper be considered for the SHARK TANK event.  When you submit the paper please chose at same time the  Topic(s) of your paper and in the end of the topics you need will appears also "Shark Tank". Please select also this option.  


What are all the steps and conditions involved in the WFC2021 SHARK TANK event?

Details of the series of steps and conditions are described in the guidelines and information sheet available at the following link:



Further Information & Enquiries

For updated SHARK TANK information consult Twitter: @FaffRobert searching #wfc2021sharktank

For any clarifications/queries regarding the SHARK TANK event, please email Professor Faff directly: r.faff@business.uq.edu.au